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As an artistic director with demonstrated success in producing high quality works involving other renowned artists, Suzanna has been honored with a 4Culture Touring Arts Roster award and featured in the Seattle Times and other media for productions such as Cinderella-An Egyptian StoryBelly Dance Off, and Hathor Unveiled. She has a professional background and BA with Honors in Theatre Arts. 

Her dance training began in childhood with ballet, jazz, and contemporary. As an adult, she discovered world music and dance, launching repeated journeys studying West African dance in Senegal and Middle Eastern dance in Egypt, training extensively with the pioneer of Egyptian dance theatre, Mahmoud Reda, and his renowned members. Through this and other cross-disciplinary training, she has developed her signature styles of Balady, Raqs Sharqi, Khaleegy, Saidi, Shamadan, Fusion, and variations with zills, veil, and sword. She has also traveled and lived throughout other African countries for research and work with villages on interactive theatre. She considers world dance and music a medium to peace and understanding that transcends dialogue.

In turn, she has trained hundreds of students in classes and workshops since 2004, throughout which her choreographies have appeared on numerous stages, and is engaged in a variety of local and national performances, including concerts at Seattle Center Playhouse, Pacific Science Center, Columbia City Theatre, Seattle International Dance Festival, Seattle Art Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum; Missouri Southern State University, Olympic College, and other educational institutions. With consistent focus on core technique, she has founded Raqkout, a core workout rooted in Balady.

She is also founder and artistic director of TaWaSol World Dance Ensemble, an authentic, vibrant, and culturally diverse group brought together by a quest for artistic authenticity, physical challenge, and personal growth.


Phone: (206) 303-7728


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Resident in: Washington