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Host: Kat Ross

Host: Kat Ross


Host and Creator of Shut Up! and Shimmy Podcast. Kat is an belly dancer who performs and teaches regularly at Studio 6 Ballroom in Tacoma. Participating in several tropues including, Jeweled Scarab Dance Company, Alahad Shamal, House of FUN, and currently Raqs El Sehr Shamal, Kat is very well versed on working as a team to perform a piece. Producing shows like “Tacoma’s Bellydance Revue”, “Antonio’s Annual Reptile Rescue Show”, she understands leading large groups and raising postitve awareness about the classic art of belly dance. She also happens to be madly in love with her two red tail boas.



Agency: Raqstar Bellydance

Phone: (253) 219-8870


The artist

Resident in: Tacoma, Washington