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Kashani began dancing with Mas Uda Middle Eastern Dancers in 1989 and began directing Mas-Uda in early 1992. – Prior to that, she took belly dance classes from a variety of instructors and danced with other local groups. – She has taught beginning, intermediate and performance classes since 1992 in a variety of settings:

wellness programs at workplaces, the YMCA, city parks departments, ballet schools, work sites and at her private studio.
She is a staff writer (troupe talk) for Jareeda (
She was Jareeda’s featured dancer for September 2005.
She is also a member of the Middle Eastern Dance Association of Canada.
Kashani is known for her interest in the culture and music of the Middle East and for including this in her teaching. She offers workshops in zills, in troupe management and many other topics and feels that knowledge of the rhythms is essential to learning the dance itself. She is the scheduler for dancers at The Great Cuisine of India restaurant in Olympia. Kashani LOVES to dance and really enjoys the camaraderie that develops among the dancers.


Phone: (360)459-3694